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This 5-layer acrylic case is made of acrylic material and it is compatible with ICE tower cooler.
It contains a 4010 fan and aluminum heat sinks for Raspberry Pi 4B.
It has several different version.
Easy to assemble
Aluminum heat sinks
3 color for choose- Black, Transparent, RGB colorful

Compatible with ICE tower cooler.  
Package Included:
1 x 5-Layer Acrylic case
1 x 4010 Fan kit(screws and nuts)
1 x mini screw driver
1 x Anti-slipper pads
1 x Aluminum heat sinks(4 pcs)

How to assemble:

  • 1.Paste heat sinks to Raspberry Pi and put Raspberry Pi into case as following picture:please peel off the protection film before pasting.
  • 2.Put the two acrylic layers on the Raspberry Pi as following picture.
  • 3. Fixed 4010 fan to the top layer with screws and nuts and connect red wire to 5V, black wire to GND on RPi’s GPIO Pin.
  • 4. Fixed copper nuts to screws and connect RPi to power supply.

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